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Investor Relations


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T: 1-844-863-3622

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Corporate Directory

Viscount Mining Corp.


Suite 409 – 221 W. Esplanade

North Vancouver, B.C.

Canada V7M 3J3

T: +1 604 960 0535

Email: info@viscountmining.com

Website: www.viscountmining.com

Incorporated: January 2011


Viscount Nevada Holdings Ltd.


Carson City,





Davidson & Company LLP.

1200 – 609 Granville Street

P.O. Box 10372, Pacific Centre

Vancouver, BC., V7Y 1G6


T: 604 687 0947

Legal Counsel


Macdonald Tuskey

Suite 409 – 221 W. Esplanade

North Vancouver, B.C.

Canada V7M 3J3

T: 604 689 1022

F: 604 681 4760

Transfer Agent


Computershare Limited

510 Burrard Street, 2nd Floor

Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 3B9


T: +1 604 661 9400

F: +1 604 661 9549

Investor Relations


Email: info@viscountmining.com

T: 1-844-863-3622

Analysts Coverage / Media

Financial Institution Analyst PHONE
Ubika Research Vikas Ranjan

DISCLAIMER: The above is a list of all persons known as of July 1, 2015 to Viscount Mining Corp. ("Viscount") to provide coverage of Viscount or to have published research reports regarding Viscount in the past, together with contact information furnished by the persons listed above. Although this list is reviewed periodically by Viscount, there may be other analysts who provide coverage of Viscount who are not referenced herein. Please note that any opinions, estimates or forecasts regarding Viscount’s performance made by any analyst that provides coverage of Viscount are theirs alone and do not represent opinions, forecasts or predictions of Viscount or its management. Viscount does not adopt the statements contained in any analyst's report, does not warrant the accuracy thereof or any information contained therein and undertakes no responsibility for correcting or updating any analyst's report or any information contained therein. Viscount does not; by its reference herein imply any endorsement of or concurrence with such information, conclusions or recommendations.

Share Structure

Share Capital Structure as of Fall 2017
Shares Outsanding 46,748,128
Warrants Outstanding
Options Outstanding 4,021,000
Fully Diluted 64,453,620
Warrants Valued at: $6,008,137
Officers, Directors and Insiders Ownership (Estimated) 60%

ISIN:             CA92834X1069

Cusip No:     92834X

Regulatory Filings


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Company Powerpoint

JP Jenkins


In order to buy or sell shares via the JP Jenkins platform, you must execute any transaction via your broker.


JP Jenkins is happy to provide you with basic information on the shares in which you may have an interest e.g. indicative price, whether there is a known purchaser or seller, average trade size, etc., but we are not authorised to execute trades on your behalf.


JP Jenkins is authorised only to deal with regulated stockbrokers.


How It Works

Buying or selling shares using our platform is a quick and simple process.


All you need is a stockbroker who holds your shares.


Unlike our competitors, we offer a matched bargain facility for trading your shares i.e we match a willing buyer with a willing seller.


The advantages of a matched bargain versus auction are the following:


⋅ We can trade with a wide range of stockbrokers and banks, therefore you can use your existing stockbroker

⋅ No cost for stockbrokers to trade via JPJ, so therefore no added cost to the company or the investor

⋅ Real time price and volumes shown on the JPJ website

⋅ Trades can be effected immediately if buy and sell order limits match compared to waiting for an auction.

⋅ If orders almost match we can try and negotiate between the brokers to achieve a deal.




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409 - 221 W. Esplanade,

North Vancouver,  BC, V7M 3J3

Phone: 604-960-0535

Email: info@viscountmining.com


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